HAMFEST – Nemčavci 2023

RTV Club Murska Sobota S59DBC/S53M is organizing the 31st traditional meeting of radio amateurs and their supporters. The meeting will take place in Nemčavci near Murska Sobota, as it does every year.

This year, the event will be held on August 19, 2023. Arriving around 12 p.m. will be just right.

While writing the subject of this message, we realize that there are already so many accompanying activities that we have exceeded the allowed number of characters for the subject. We are extremely delighted about this and are truly happy that we can present such a wide range of activities related to our wonderful hobby in one place.

The following activities will be carried out:

1) Presentation of trophies and awards for competitions organized by ZRS, specifically for the following:

– 70 MHz 2022
– September 2022
– October 2022
– November 2022
– VHF/UHF Trophy 2022
– March 2023
– May 2023
– June 2023
– 50 MHz 2023
– July 2023

2) Competition in telegraph disciplines: Rufz Xp (reception of call signs) and Morse Runner (contest simulator, pile-up of four stations). The competition rules are the same as those of the International High-Speed Telegraphy (HST) competition.

3) Meeting of S5FF/SOTA/WCA activators. Last year’s novelty, which was well-received and attracted a crowd around the activators.

4) Used equipment fair, where setting up a sales booth is free for everyone. Sellers from OE, HA, 9A, and DX countries are also invited. Selling from the trunk of a car is also possible.

5) Demonstration of interesting radio stations and/or operating techniques. Even those who have not registered are welcome to present their equipment.

6) A night surprise awaits.

With its tradition and the efforts of the host, the meeting has become an exceptional opportunity for most active Slovenian radio amateurs to meet in a very informal setting. As always, we will make an effort to warmly welcome and treat you (free bograč and free evening meal will be available). Since the meeting has long ceased to be just a VHF/UHF meeting, which is its traditional origin, all radio amateurs are truly invited, regardless of their activity type.

If you need additional information, please contact us via s5**@s5**.com or call me at 040-160-200. We can assist with everything, including accommodation arrangements.

Simon, S53ZO
on behalf of S53M/S59DBC

Where: VAŠKO GASILSKI DOM NEMČAVCI, Nemčavci 39d, 9000 Murska Sobota
WGS: 46.681370N • 16.182048E