Podolgem in počez od 2007 do 2014 / Far and wide from 2007 to 2014

Gradivo predstavljeno na RIS 2015, objavljeno tudi na spletni strani VHFMANAGER-ja.

RIS 2015, Ljubljana, 31.01.2015

While playing with a database consisting of 146k QSOs that were made during 2014 September VHF contest, Matjaž/S51ML came to an idea to create some very interesting video clips and EU maps. And this movie was a trigger for us four to start digging through the data (it smelled like a “big data” project, hi) and creating even larger database from previous years contests (well done by S5 VHF Manager Miha/S51FB). This turned out not to be so simple and it is a pity that IARU R1 organization was not able to create and maintain a public repository of all the electronic logs that were received for September and October IARU R1 contests in the past. We were able to find large enough number of logs for contests back to 2007 only. If someone reading this text has a possession or knows where to search for even older logs (we are looking for a collection of minimum 800 logs or more!) we would be more than grateful to receive them.

Analysis of the data was mostly driven by the two main questions I put to myself, namely, how come that during last 29 years maximum achievable result was more or less constant, and how come, that not even the best station in the middle of the highest activity area cannot cross 1500 QSOs or more. As it normally happens when digging deeply in a matter, many interesting things showed up. So we decided to put the main findings into a presentation that was presented at RIS (a traditional educational gathering of S5 amateur community). Presentation was only a starting point that, among other ideas, fired up a creation of a very interesting and insightful map of contest activity by Peter/S52AA. We are planning to prepare a full featured article that will be published on this web page in a near future, so stay tuned.

And here is the full ARTICLE.